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Vivien Grandouiller started practice woodworking in 2003 after studying carpentry in Romans-sur-Isère, and two years of cabinetmaking in Chambéry. Then he discovered the creation of furniture and has been graduated with a DMA "Art of the Habitat" in Lyon. 
In 2011, he moved to woodturning and completed his training courses with a CAP in this specialty in Moirans-en-Montagne.
After three internships at the Escoulen school in the Var, he completed a five-month course with Jean-Francois Escoulen and Yann Marot to improve his technical skills. After, he attends a one-year residency in this school.

Since then, he regularly performs professional internships to discover new techniques.
Vivien Grandouiller turns and sculpts wood to create sculptures with clean shapes. Almonds, ogives, spheres... creating a harmonious whole. Vivien cares about the balance and proportions of his sculptures. The lines are soft and dynamic. He is always looking for the perfect line or curve.
Each form is relentlessly explored. Each type of wood is guiding him in the technique to apply. Between sandblasting, texturing, the choice of color, like a musician, he interprets a new variation on each piece.

He is looking for movements and expressions in the ash, he particularly likes to highlight the natural graphics of the wood.
Sanding allows him to bring out the soft grain of the wood and discover the material. His textural work creates movement and a form of life in his pieces.
Worked with an airbrush with tints, inks, or acrylics, optical illusion illuminate his creations. 

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